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AZ Tax Credit

You may claim a tax credit for voluntary cash contributions you make during any taxable year to a Qualifying Charitable Organization. The Boys & Girls Club of the Gila Valley is one! You get dollar for dollar when you donate. Taxpayers filing as “single” and “head of household” status may claim a maximum credit of $400. Taxpayers filing as “married filing separate” may claim a maximum credit of $400.Taxpayers that file as “married filing joint” may claim a maximum credit of $800. Deadline is December 31st of every year. 


How can I donate?

There are three ways! You can mail your donation to our Club facility, hand deliver a donation during our business hours, or donate online. 

Help Support Club Member Cost

What does your donation do?


Unfunded Cost Per Club Member

  • $2400.00/Year 

    • $1800.00/School Programming 

      • $180.00/Month ​

    • 600.00/Summer Programming 

      • $300.00/Month ​


Do I have to make a monetary donation?


No. We always have a wishlist! 

Please visit our Contact page to email us, and visit our Facebook page to see if we need certain items donated. 




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